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I am glad that the Board of Intermediate Education is to publish an Academic Organiser for 2011-12. I am sure it will help those who in realms of instruction and administration in the Intermediate Education, a crucial turning point in the lives of young students.

I am sure the officials, teaching staff, parents and students will take the Plus 2 course in all its seriousness and the Government is determined to make the Intermediate education very vital and enlightening.

I wish the Board of Intermediate Education’s efforts all success.

Hon'ble Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh

When I know that the Board of Intermediate Education is going to bring out the Academic Organiser for the academic year 2011-12, I feel elated as it will be a boost to the morale of the Lecturers, Principals and all the other higher officials who are involved in the herculean task of making the lakhs of young students into responsible citizens.

It goes without saying that this book will undoubtedly pave the way for better instruction and administration in Junior Colleges, equipping the lecturers and principals with all the necessary rules, regulations, syllabi etc.

I sincerely congratulate the Secretary, Board of Intermediate Education and those who are involved in this great job of materializing various objectives in the field of +2 system of education.

Wishing you all success,

Hon'ble Minister for Secondary Education

I am very happy to know that the Academic Organiser for the year 2011-12 is going to be brought out by the Board of Intermediate Education. I find this book to be very helpful to the teachers as well as students. As the saying goes, “Success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration”, the organiser is really capable of inspiring both the instructors and administrators.

I believe that the lecturers should apprise themselves of various changes in the syllabi and instruct the students accordingly, catering to the changing needs of students from time to time. The Academic Organiser will certainly provide the necessary knowledge and skills to those who are involved in the holy mission of teaching.

I appreciate the Secretary, Board of Intermediate Education and her officers who have taken meticulous care in designing the organiser with near perfection.

Secretary to Government, Secondary Education

It gives me pleasure to know that the Board of Intermediate Education, is bringing out an “Academic Organiser” for the current year. This Academic Organiser is very useful as it has many constructive features that will aid the +2 system of education in our state. I sincerely believe that this Academic Organiser will certainly guide those who are in the task of imparting education to intermediate students.

The academic organiser is well-equipped with lesson-plans, various rules and regulations for admissions, norms relating to college administration, fee particulars etc. I hope the student community as well as lecturers will reap a profitable crop from this purposeful book.

I appreciate the endeavour of the Secretary, BIE and her team who strove to mould this book in a constructive manner.

Wishing all success,


I am very happy that the Board of Intermediate Education has brought out the current year’s “Academic Organiser”. I sincerely opine that this is a very valuable book not only for those who are at the helm of affairs in administration but also for those who are in the sacred field of instruction.

The Academic Organiser is well-designed with lesson plans, syllabi of various subjects, rules and regulations for admissions, fee particulars for different aspects like change of second language, of group etc. It is no doubt a good guide to the Junior Lecturers, Principals, DVEOs and RIOs.

I appreciate the sincere efforts of the compilers of the organiser, who have left no stone unturned, to bring this book into a constructive shape. I hope the organiser will serve its lofty purpose of moulding the adolescent young Intermediate students into responsible citizens, at the same time paving the right way to a bright future.


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