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Distance Education

Sikkim Manipal University - Directorate of Distance Education is committed to provide career-oriented educational programs at the Diploma, Bachelor's, post Graduate Diploma and Master's levels through a wide network of University learning centers.

Objectives of the Distance Education Program:

  • To provide high quality, value-based, career-oriented education for students
  • To facilitate students in understanding, developing, integrating and applying both core and specialized concepts and practices.
  • To provide students with a stimulating and learning-friendly atmosphere so that they can utilize their intellectual capacities to specialize in various areas of study.
  • To produce energetic, effective, efficient and ethical graduates and postgraduates to serve society.

Design & Structure
Distance Education simply means imparting education from a distance wherein the teacher and the student are physically separated in this system of education.

In terms of design and structure, the common features of bachelor and master degree programs are as follows:

  • The medium of instruction is English
  • Comprehensive courseware will be supplied to all the students. Each book is divided into units. Each unit is written in self-instructional style and consists of introduction, objectives, structure of unit, main contents, self test activities and suggested reading. In addition, students will be encouraged to refer recommended books, wherever necessary.

Video/Audio/VSAT: Whenever necessary, printed material is supplemented by video / audio CDs. Lectures can be broadcast through VSAT which can be in the form of lectures, debates, discussions etc.

Assignments are an integral component of distance education. The program guide supplied to the students will contain the assignments to be submitted by the students. Assignments serve the purpose of valuation of the student's performance. Local counselors, who also provide feedback on a student's performance, evaluate these assignments.

Academic Counseling
Counseling is an important activity in distance education and is entirely different from usual classroom teaching. Counselors answer the student's questions during counseling sessions besides clarifying their doubts and helping them to overcome difficulties they face while going through the study material. These counseling sessions also offer students an opportunity to interact with their peers.

Practical Training Depending upon the subject, required amount of practical training is imparted to students in learning center. In certain specialized subjects, intensive counseling is also resorted to specific subjects.

Project / Report The student is also required to prepare projects wherever necessary, which are then evaluated by the local counselors.

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